Olivia Bond is a Sydney-based gemmologist, diamond grader and jewellery valuer. After working for several years in the auction market including Sotheby’s in London and Shapiro in Sydney, Olivia moved to the retail sector and worked in operations at Bulgari’s flagship store in Castlereagh Street before going out on her own.  This background in several luxury businesses has provided Olivia with the expertise necessary to fulfil her client’s needs professionally and efficiently and with an exceptional level of service. 

Olivia’s service aspires to take the complication and mystery out of buying the right stone for your engagement. With her help you will secure the diamond of exceptional quality and beauty that you want at far less than boutique prices.


Olivia offers a unique and personal service ensuring she sources the right stone for you based on your tastes and budget.  An initial consultation aims to uncover your needs and also provide education regarding how best to maximise your budget without sacrificing the quality of the diamond.  A follow-up appointment will deliver your precious diamond to you, either mounted in a beautiful ring if desired or as a loose stone, which you can mount together with your fiancée further down the track.

All of Olivia’s diamonds are internationally certified and of exceptional quality and beauty.  Olivia believes in the integrity of the diamonds she supplies and will do her utmost to find the right stone for you without compromise.

Please note that Olivia is not limited to diamonds, and is very happy to source sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other precious or semi-precious stones as required. 




Olivia can also work with you on the design of your ring and oversee its manufacture by one of Sydney’s premier jeweller’s to ensure utmost quality and craftsmanship.  


Olivia can provide you with a valuation of your stone or ring for insurance purposes, and will give ongoing support should you need any form of after-sales service.